Rocky is an absolute dream to ride. He loves his job and always gives 100% effort every time he steps into the ring. This horse has an extensive show record and never bats an eye at a new jump or obstacle, he is as bombproof as they come. Did we mention he is only 8 years old! We are extremely happy to have rocky as a part of our team. Rocky excels in the low child/adult jumpers or the 3' and under equitation ring. He is available as lease only.


Barn Favorite! Bonnie is as sweet as she is beautiful. She just always seems to have a smile on her face. Working under saddle is her favorite thing to do, weather it is trotting ground rail courses or jumping 3'3", this mare just loves to please! She has impeccable ground manners and has never spooked in her life. Bonnie is the barn owner's personal horse but she is generous enough to share her with some of our riders.

Thom Terrific



Top Shelf



The most patient pony mare we have ever met, Devon proves her priceless value to us every day. She is the ideal pony to learn to walk trot and canter confidently on. Reliability is an understatement when it comes to this pony! Not to mention she is just as adorable as she is well behaved! Devon prefers to do mostly flat work and enjoys teaching riders to go over their first small fences. We are very happy to have Devon as a part of our lesson program.

Earl Grey


Teddy is the king of the castle. Owned by Cynthia's daughter, Juliana, he travels to all types of competitive shows. Teddy and Juliana make an awesome team due to their excellent relationship with each other. One day you could see him in a huge show ring and the next, out enjoying a day on the trail. Teddy is also very much loved by everyone at Hidden Hills because of his loving personality. We are happy to have such a great horse around the farm to love and appreciate!

"In riding a horse we borrow freedom"

~Helen Thomson

An attractive, big bodied thoroughbred, Tom offers a comfortable canter and a willing attitude. By effortlessly leaving out strides, Tom can win the jump off every time with out even looking like he is trying. He is a dream to bring to horse shows with his great manners and ability to wait patiently. Tom would excel in the low child/ adult jumpers and is available for full and partial lease.

Game 7


Patron is a proven beginner hunter and prechildren's winner! Every time he steps off of the trailer he just kicks into auto pilot and marches around the ring as if he horse shows every single day. This horse is the classic hunter with his low and long stature and his quiet rhythmic stride. Patron is available lease only.


A relatively new addition to our team, Hidden Hills welcomes Molly!! She is a lovely quarter horse that you might mistake for a warm blood due to her cresty neck and huge long tail. Molly is a great teacher because she tells on her students if they are not asking correctly! She has a lot of personality but safety is her priority. We are happy to welcome Molly into our lessonprogram.

Our Horses



As much personality as his name and his appaloosa coloring suggest, Bo is a fun sassy large pony. He enjoys eating, being lazy, and the occasional lessons each week. Bo is your definition of 'fat and happy' he lives a well deserved glamorous life here at Hidden Hills and loves being a part of our lesson program because of the great treats and grooming benefits package that comes with the job! He has put in a full career and is guaranteed a 401k paid in treats and love.